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HELLO GUYS I AM DOING A GIVEAWAY FOR A COPY OF SUPER DANGAN RONPA 2 AND A PSP VITA!!!!!!!!!!!! One winner will be announced on September 2nd, the release date.

That’s the short of it, now here are the rules:

  • Please don’t reblog if you already have a PSP Vita.
  • I won’t switch out the game for another game if you win, this is specifically a giveaway for SDR2.
  • PLEASE don’t reblog if you can afford to get yourself a PSP Vita or SDR2. I want this giveaway to go to someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get it.
  • One like and one reblog.
  • No giveaway blogs allowed.
  • You don’t have to be following me!
  • People who live internationally will have to be able to give me money for shipping.
  • If you are under 18, please ask your parents before reblogging this!!!
  • You will have to give me your address if you win!



(( Sooooo guys! I’ve reached 2000+! To celebrate, I’m going to do my second giveaway! 
This time there will only be one grand winner and they shall win a drawing from me and um a fistbump. 

The drawing will be a complete illustration and can have a maximum of two characters. Since this is a League blog, I will draw only league characters/OCs who are part of the league of legends world. 


1. Must be following me -I will check! (I swear..)
2. Reblog and like as much as you want but there’s no need to spam

The closing date will be 1/8/14 at 0:00am GMT.

And finally, I just want to say thank you for following this blog. All of your encouragement and comments have really cheered me up over the past year and I’m happy to do this for you always. Thank you guys!))

Last day guys! Gonna stream the winner later on tonight :D



(Picture source credit: x go give them a follow) 

I have 1 of each of these cute guys to giveaway so here’s what you gotta do: 

  1. Follow me <3
  2. 1 like and as many reblogs as you like, go nuts if you want (don’t spam your followers though)
  3. Have a copy of X/Y and working 3DS/2DS
  4. You have to be comfortable trading FC’s with me (I can delete it straight after if you like) 

I will be giving the winner (who will be drawn through random generator) all 3 of these guys. 

If there is a high demand for these guys I can breed a few more for you guys :D 

The winner will be drawn on the 21st of July, so good luck guys :D

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