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(( Sooooo guys! I’ve reached 2000+! To celebrate, I’m going to do my second giveaway! 
This time there will only be one grand winner and they shall win a drawing from me and um a fistbump. 

The drawing will be a complete illustration and can have a maximum of two characters. Since this is a League blog, I will draw only league characters/OCs who are part of the league of legends world. 


1. Must be following me -I will check! (I swear..)
2. Reblog and like as much as you want but there’s no need to spam

The closing date will be 1/8/14 at 0:00am GMT.

And finally, I just want to say thank you for following this blog. All of your encouragement and comments have really cheered me up over the past year and I’m happy to do this for you always. Thank you guys!))

Last day guys! Gonna stream the winner later on tonight :D



(Picture source credit: x go give them a follow) 

I have 1 of each of these cute guys to giveaway so here’s what you gotta do: 

  1. Follow me <3
  2. 1 like and as many reblogs as you like, go nuts if you want (don’t spam your followers though)
  3. Have a copy of X/Y and working 3DS/2DS
  4. You have to be comfortable trading FC’s with me (I can delete it straight after if you like) 

I will be giving the winner (who will be drawn through random generator) all 3 of these guys. 

If there is a high demand for these guys I can breed a few more for you guys :D 

The winner will be drawn on the 21st of July, so good luck guys :D

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1. What has been your favorite series (anime or other) you’ve seen this year?

I finally picked up Sword Art Online again. I’m almost done! I also found out that Young Justice was on Netflix. Watched the first season in a few weeks.
2. The year’s over half way over!! Did you do anything exciting? Something you’re proud of?!

Passed my damn math class with help from a family friend who also happens to be a college math professor. I’ve also started taking a drawing class. I’m kinda meh at uniform shapes, but feel confidant on natural forms. (plants and such)
3. Do you play any sports? If not, is there a sport you wish you could play?

No sports for this nerd. I wish I could do fencing, maybe.
4. Quick!! List the top 5 songs on your playlist.

"Good Luck"-Basement Jaxx, "Fineshrines"-Purity Ring, "Ninety Degrees"-Ladytron, "Ease My Mind"-Skrillex feat. Niki & The Dove, "Soleil (Kitsune mix 2)"-Roosevelt.
5. Have you ever cosplayed before? If not, is there a character you’d like to cosplay?

Nope, never. Maaaaaaybe, Death the Kid, Ginko, or Watanuki(dressed like this:
6. What channels are you subscribed to on YouTube? If you don’t have an account, what videos do you like to watch on YouTube?

Haha, where do I begin? Uh…GameGrumps, jimathers, TheCGbros, NinEverything, IGN. To name a few.
7. Name your top 3 OTPs.

KiritoXAsuna, RobinXZatanna tied for second with SuperboyXM’gann, then HenryXLissa
8. Have you ever seen/read the series called “Detroit Metal City”? Look it up on YouTube and post a link to a random video you find XD Um, you worry me sometimes, Meg…
9. You’re part of the Iwatobi Swim Club now! What style do you specialize in? (free, butterfly, back, breast)

I actually was part of two swim teams a few years ago.(Club and High School) And my specialty was always breast. (So now you can visualize me as whatever guy from Free! that does breast. I know that is exactly what you are doing as you read this one.)  
10. What’s the last memorable thing that made you laugh?

Probably the four of us being dorks and having to re-learn how to play Mario Kart with the release of the new one.
11. If you went to the aquarium, what is the first thing you’d want to see?

I personally really like jellyfish. They are beautiful and yet, some of them can take down full grown humans! I also like vampire squid.


moku-moku10 asked:

Speaking of yanderes, I spotted someone watching your favorite anime in the lounge when I was on lunch from class. Yep, I'm talkin' Mirai Nikki! XD


Ughhhhhhhhhhh //projectile vomits


Well thanks for reminding me of the series I’d rather forget. Todd Haberkorn is still voicing that sucky guy from SAO. (i can’t think of anything else you hate atm haha)


moku-moku10 asked:

Lol, I hardly know any of those animes on your list. Though I do know what to avoid at all costs. *COUGH* OneAndTwo *UNCONVINCING COUGH* I need to compile a list of what to /finish/. I've got a bunch I binge-watched and managed to break away from.






AHA excuse you?? The first two on my list are the best to watch this season. Well… Free! for sure. 

And lists are all what MAL is for~~ Did you finally finish Sword Art btw? (and put Attack on Titan on your watch list already!!)

Kuudere dude who strips at the sight of water and a gas mask-wearing robot that falls from the sky, no gracias. Lol.

I have 5 eps of SAO to finish. It was like 3 in the morning!

And fine! I’ll do it! Even if the harnesses accentuate their butts and the guys run like girls. :-P

is that really not enough for you to watch? hahaha for Free AND for Attack on Titan. 


Are you watching SAO subbed or dubbed? I don’t think I ever asked… Season 2 is just around the cornerrr, you gotta finish itttt

Watching dubbed. Remember, I was texting about how I hate the crap out of that king guy in the last part. (See, I hate him so much I haven’t bothered to put his name to memory). But I was more mad cuz his VA is Todd Haberkorn. He portrays him so well though. Why dis he have to be cast as the scumbag??

ohhh yeyeyeah i remember now. 

Didn’t he also play Masao in Shiki? XD

Yes. Hikaru in OHHC, Watanuki in XXXHolic, Death the Kid in Soul Eater, Natsu in Fairy Tail, Allen in D.Grey Man, Ling Yao in FMA:B, and some others I’m forgetting…

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